Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Printed Saree Trend 2015

Saree is a fashion staple for women not only in India but around the globe. From Bollywood to Hollywood celebrities like to drape a beautiful saree on different occasion. Sarees are one of the essential to complete a woman’s wardrobe. Sarees can be worn at Weddings, Parties and for casual look too. There are many types of sarees available in market like embroidered sarees, half n half saree and Printed saree. Embroidered and half n half sarees are mostly first choice for weddings or parties but printed sarees are very versatile they can be worn on any occasion.

Nowadays printed sarees are too much in trend. You can see that prints are favourite among the top designers like Masaba, Satya Paul, Nikhil Thampi and many more. So today let’s check out the trends in printed saree in 2015. 

Types of Printed saree

1) Floral Print Saree
Floral print is mostly favourite of every woman, the prints of flower and leaf makes the saree beautiful with any shade of colour from light to bright. One of the must have printed saree for a casual look.

2) Animal Print Saree
Animal Print saree is basically resemble to the pattern of animal’s skin. Mostly Leopard Print, Zebra Print, Tiger print and giraffe print sarees are in trend. 

3) Abstract Print Saree
Abstract print is basically a motif print on the saree with the blend of lots of colours. The print could be mixture of any print.

4) Geometric Print Saree
Sarees which have print of geometric figures like squares, lines, triangles and many more. Geometric prints can be worn on festivals and parties too. 

5) Figure Print Saree
Figure print saree basically have prints of particular figure, it could be anything face of a human, or natural figure like trees, any bird or animal.

6) Bandhani Print 
Bandhani Print is basically a similar print of the bandhani (Tie & Dye) Saree. It can have many variety of print style like dots, squares, lines and waves (leheriya saree). Bandhanni is most popular in Gujarat and Rajasthan. It looks incredible on Bright Colours.

Printed Saree As Per the Body Type

While selecting a printed saree for any occasion one should always keep in mind their body structure. So let’s check out that what kind of print you should select as per your body type.

1) Slim Built: A woman with slim body should go for big scattered prints, small print and repetition print also suits to slim built woman.

2) Heavy Built: A woman who has heavy body should go for Small to medium prints. They should avoid big prints. And one more thing to take care that the print should not be on all over the saree.

So next time when you go to buy a saree don’t forget to select a printed one as per your body type. 

Stay tuned for next fashion update.


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