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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Wedding saree drapes

·         The Indian traditional wedding saree drapes
   The best thing of wedding is that two families coordinate into one. Wedding moment inspires the meaningful cultural tradition with colorful details, rich touch and so many pleasing moments. On that day all brides want to look special with their dresses & her charm. So mostly all brides are confused for her so called perfect outfit. As an Indian tradition brides carry a traditional dress like saree, lehenga choli, salwar suits, according to their culture.

    India a place which is popular for its vast culture & its tradition, where language & wedding rituals change at every few kilometers, but yet connected by a common tradition. As its brides dresses and even sarees drape style are also different according to the states & cast culture.

              Gujarati Bride
  • Panetar is popular accepted by the Guajarati bride for her wedding. Gujarat is famous for its tie and dye textiles and the bride dress panetar is a reflection of it with silk weave with white and traditional wedding red colour badhani border which is wear style of wearing is front pallu or siddha pallu style.
  • To view more details about Guajarati drape style visit the following link

South Indian bride
  • South Indian Tamil brides carry a rich silk kanchipuram six or nine yard sari on her wedding day. The sari beautified with gold thread embroidered work with traditional motifs.
  • The drape of the saree, is the Nivi or Basic style drape, but carrying the pallu at shoulder broader than the usual width pleats. A waist belt a piece of jewelry that is worn on top of the saree at the waist.

Marathi bride
  • Marathi bride carry a nine yard sari it also called as nauvari its drape in traditional style.
  • Special green shade in silk saree with a contrasting border in zari. And other yellow and red colours are also worn for the wedding. Or a Paithani saree which is atraditional Marathi brocade saree.
  • The drape style is the Marathi saree drapes in Nauvari styles or in the traditional Marathi saree, you can find the Marathi drapes on this link here

Bengali bride
  • Bengali bride wear silk sari on her wedding day which is highlighted with gold zari or buta work with traditional motif. The Baluchari sarees being the traditional brocade weave saree of Kolkata, is worn by the women during their marriage.
  • The saree in white and red being the saree of Bengali women also worn in embellished forms, with the traditional Bengali drape.
  • The image below shows you the tradition and rituals of a Bengali bride
  • To learn traditional Bengali saree draping this is the useful link

On her life special day which she was dreaming from her childhood a bride can take an inspiration for her dress from designer sketches or bridal collections or wedding magazines.

You can choose a golden or try any others colors like green, peach, pink for your wedding. Designer Sabyasachi famous for his traditional Indian Ethnic Wear and Indian bridal Couture designs the lustrous bridal wear for women.

The wedding collections and elements used in attires of Indian bridal fashion which is revived with modern elements keeping it unique and traditional with the wedding charm.

Chudas and Bengals a tradition of different indian rituals to wear at wedding by the Bride.

A modern Indian Bride dress up. With a Lehengacholi in new concept and colours, with jewelry and other bridal elements to complete the look.

The mehendi, a common tradition in Inida for brides, to wear a classic Indian design of Henna Paste on hands and feet to increase the beauty and charm of a total bride look on her special day.
for more information on saree drapes look out for our new updated blogs.

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