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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Celebrity Sarees Designers - Sabyasachi, Anamika Khanna, Manish Malhotra, Tarun Talhani

Sabyasachi Designer Sarees Collection

The Designer who has spread his charm over the Indian Brides, by his Wedding Collections in the Ethnic Apparel Line, Sabyasachi Mukherji being the most popular Bridal couture designer in India, designs his best innovative creations with reviving the traditional gypsy looks. The designer  in using magnificent sparkling and shiny themes to glam up the themes of Bridal wear, using designs concepts of fabric combinations and patterns of the past era, merging to bloom out a new design. Take look at his glitz and glamorous collection of bridal wear in his adoring theme designs in sarees.
sridevi, aishwarya rai, madhuri, sabyasachi colection

  • Aishwarya in an elegant black saree, in velvet rich enough to enhance the beauty of the golden work embroidery and embellishments in unique and vintage motifs, added on pallu and border edging, a black blouse with a closed neck pattern highlighted with work.
  • Madhuri wearing a half and half saree in net and georgette sari on the sets of jhalak dikhlaja, the beige net highlighted in resham embroidery lower drape and pallu in black highlighted with a golden work border an a golden blouse.
  • A model walks the ramp for the Designer Sabyasachi Grand Finale at Delhi Couture Week 2013, a glamorous saree in golden embellishments all over scattered and a shiny sequins blouse to give a full heavy bridal look. 

Anamika Khanna Designer sarees

The only Designer who has showcased at Paris Fashion Week with her own International Label, Anamika Khanna is a Indian designer who designs sarees in their utmost new look of New exotic looking Silhouettes, a great design concept to look fabulous for those fashion trend fans. She has gained fame for her saree silhouettes and has many Bollywood celebs following her saree trend, a sari worn with designed blouse and a pair of bottom, in form of pants or leggings to suit the whole saree look.

anamika khanna sarees, diya mirza, frieda pinto, sonam kapoor
  • A model walks the ramp for Anamika Khanna Delhi Couture Week 12, a dazzling saree in her signature designer drape, with lacy border, a matching bottom wear in black and a golden blouse.
  • Diya Mirza at the Filmfare Awards 2013, walks in Anamika Khanna design, a stylish golden drape, in signature designer drape, with black blouse long sleeve and closed neck and matching bottom wear.
  • Frieda Pinto wearing an Anamika Khanna Designer saree, in golden and black, a heavy blouse in pattern embroidery and a simple upper drape in gold, with a waist belt.
  • Sonam Kapoor the fashionista wears Anamika Khanna Designs at events and ceremonies, here is a view of her in a golden drape saree in signature designer drape, with a gypsy blouse pattern in maroon with embroidery to add glamour, with a dhoti styled bottom wear.

Manish Malhotra Designers Saree

The famous fashion designer of India Manish malohtra who is very popular I in Indian film industry for his creativity & designs in fashion industry with his label “MANISH MALHOTRA”. Manish Malhotra the name whom Bollywood follow for each & every Events even it personal.

esha gupta, kangana ranaut, jacqueline fernandez, shilpa shetty, manish malhotra sarees
  • Sri Lankan Beauty Jacqueline Fernadez carry blue designer saree with floral sequins in & border dark blue border with long sleeves plain yet attractive blouse at 51st Femina Miss India.
  • Shilpa Shetty wore designer red embroderied lehenga saree on the set of event, which is designed by Manish Malhotra, the saree embellished with gold glitter work &sleeveless blouse with deep backless square neck pattern.
  • Bollywood actress walk for Manish Malhotra at WIFW Kashmiri collection with fulkari worked lehenga sarees.
  • Kangana Ranauat recently carry a beautiful half & half plain saree which is designed by Manish Malhotrs at LFW 2014. This beautifulgeorgette saree paired with peach colour blouse.

Tarun Tahiliani Designer Sarees Collection

Tarun tahiliani, a famous designer who is noticed by his creativity & textile heritage of India in her designer collection. Famous divas always prefer tarun for their sarees collection.
gauri khan, ileana, tarun tahiliani sares
  • South Indian actress Ileana carry a designer Magenta plain saree which is paired with designer blouse with small mirror stone all over blouse which is designed by Tarun Talhani for event.
  • Bollywood king khan wife Gauri Khan carry a designer dark blue georgette saree embellished with sequins gold and silver patch border paired with sleeveless blouse.
  • Plain white saree with unique twisted dhoti style saree with black border and sleevless blouse. & the other model displaying cream designer lehenga style saree at Lakme fashion week event.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Wedding saree drapes

·         The Indian traditional wedding saree drapes
   The best thing of wedding is that two families coordinate into one. Wedding moment inspires the meaningful cultural tradition with colorful details, rich touch and so many pleasing moments. On that day all brides want to look special with their dresses & her charm. So mostly all brides are confused for her so called perfect outfit. As an Indian tradition brides carry a traditional dress like saree, lehenga choli, salwar suits, according to their culture.

    India a place which is popular for its vast culture & its tradition, where language & wedding rituals change at every few kilometers, but yet connected by a common tradition. As its brides dresses and even sarees drape style are also different according to the states & cast culture.

              Gujarati Bride
  • Panetar is popular accepted by the Guajarati bride for her wedding. Gujarat is famous for its tie and dye textiles and the bride dress panetar is a reflection of it with silk weave with white and traditional wedding red colour badhani border which is wear style of wearing is front pallu or siddha pallu style.
  • To view more details about Guajarati drape style visit the following link

South Indian bride
  • South Indian Tamil brides carry a rich silk kanchipuram six or nine yard sari on her wedding day. The sari beautified with gold thread embroidered work with traditional motifs.
  • The drape of the saree, is the Nivi or Basic style drape, but carrying the pallu at shoulder broader than the usual width pleats. A waist belt a piece of jewelry that is worn on top of the saree at the waist.

Marathi bride
  • Marathi bride carry a nine yard sari it also called as nauvari its drape in traditional style.
  • Special green shade in silk saree with a contrasting border in zari. And other yellow and red colours are also worn for the wedding. Or a Paithani saree which is atraditional Marathi brocade saree.
  • The drape style is the Marathi saree drapes in Nauvari styles or in the traditional Marathi saree, you can find the Marathi drapes on this link here

Bengali bride
  • Bengali bride wear silk sari on her wedding day which is highlighted with gold zari or buta work with traditional motif. The Baluchari sarees being the traditional brocade weave saree of Kolkata, is worn by the women during their marriage.
  • The saree in white and red being the saree of Bengali women also worn in embellished forms, with the traditional Bengali drape.
  • The image below shows you the tradition and rituals of a Bengali bride
  • To learn traditional Bengali saree draping this is the useful link

On her life special day which she was dreaming from her childhood a bride can take an inspiration for her dress from designer sketches or bridal collections or wedding magazines.

You can choose a golden or try any others colors like green, peach, pink for your wedding. Designer Sabyasachi famous for his traditional Indian Ethnic Wear and Indian bridal Couture designs the lustrous bridal wear for women.

The wedding collections and elements used in attires of Indian bridal fashion which is revived with modern elements keeping it unique and traditional with the wedding charm.

Chudas and Bengals a tradition of different indian rituals to wear at wedding by the Bride.

A modern Indian Bride dress up. With a Lehengacholi in new concept and colours, with jewelry and other bridal elements to complete the look.

The mehendi, a common tradition in Inida for brides, to wear a classic Indian design of Henna Paste on hands and feet to increase the beauty and charm of a total bride look on her special day.
for more information on saree drapes look out for our new updated blogs.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

5 Marathi Saree Drape Styles

Marathi Saree Drape Styles

Maharashtra is a known state in India for its cultural, tribal and traditional clothing styles, in the drapes of sarees, which are followed by the women on traditional and festival events. Saree being the national attire has many ways of draping, classified drapes on states and their rituals and cultures. The tradition of Marathi women has been cherished by the female today also by styling up in the traditional Marathi saree and styling drapes.
Marathi saree can be draped in a number of ways, here I will be discussing and giving methods of 5 Maharashtrian saree drapes. This information is provided for an easier and simpler form of draping style of the Marathi style sarees.

A Marathi saree simply consists and is identified by its look.

  •          Silk fabric and zari woven border
  •          Border in golden zari weave in contrast colour and pallu also has horizontal borders
  •          A Paithani saree, which has a zari weave pallu with parrot and chandelier motifs
  •     All over the saree there are small butti form motifs scattered evenly.

      Let’s learn how to drape up traditional Marathi saree and different other styles of Marathi saree draping.
  1.              Traditional Nauvari drape

This is a drape which is very well highlighted by its drape and cowls which make it attractive and traditional for the Maharashtrian style drape. In this drape the lower pleats are kept facing the right hand side.

  • Start by taking the corner end of the saree and wraped the open edge from left to right, tying a knot on the right side waist.
  •  Pick the lower corner of the small end and tuck it in the place by the knot.
  • Now take the width to unevenly wrap the pallu section, from left to right front, under the right arm, passing up the left shoulder to throw back.
  •  Make sure that the top edge of the width is longer than the lower edge in length, wich is hanging back at the back shoulder.
  • Now make lower drape pleats of all remaining saree, of 5-6 inches and tuck it in centre waist but keeping the pleats faced on the right side.
  • Part the lower pleats at the bottom to have the pleats more on the right side more and left side lesser, and draw the part backwards, between two legs.
  • Pull up from back so it can be tucked at the centre back waist, make sure the border is straight hiding one side border under another one neatly.
  • Now pick the right hand side lower drape pleat, and bring it across your left waist, and tuck in keeping 12-15 inches free to drop off.
  • Then work on the shoulder pleats, take top edge to be sat firmly on shoulder, pin it.
  • Then take the lower edge, in pleats and the set on shoulder keeping the back hanging pallu width in perfect straight level. Pin pleats at shoulder place.

This link of the video will help in guiding with the steps to follow them easily.

      2.       Traditional Maharashtrian drape
The saree is worn at events and festivals, not only a silk saree would do but also nay saree can be used to drape up in this manner. Visit this page for a simplified method of knowing how to drape this TraditionalMaharastrian saree style.

  • Start by making pleats at the waist and the tuck in keeping the pleats to the left hand and also facing left.
  • Now drape the pallu over the shoulder in pleats of 5-6 inches of whole width, fix with a pin.
  • Now part the lower drape pleats from bottom in centre, and hold the middle section pulling it back between the two legs, up from the back.
  • Fix the border as it appears one border, then take pleats neatly in small width and tuck at the centre back waist. 

      3.       Peshawai Nauvari drape
This is another style of Marathi nauvari saree, which is also the Brahmini style drape, it is worn at festivals and also for traditional dance dress up. It has a curvy layer of border falling from the centre of the waist.

  • The basic steps are the same, as the nauvari saree, all before making the pleats.
  • The pleats are well set 1st and held by a pin at the left shoulder by 7-8 inches of pleats.
  •  Now when making the lower drape pleats, they are folded and tucked facing the right side, just before tucking the saree edge of one pleats should be taken and used for covering the pleats inside and the tucked at the waist centre.
  •  Now making equal part of the pleats from bottom, pushing the border edge between the legs to the back, pulling the left sections edge to tuck in at centre back waist neatly.
  • Then the right side pleat point should be lift in front to the top and tuck at front centre waist.
  • The open edge to be lifted for tucking at centre, but making pleats of 3 inches on border which is facing left, in 4-5 pleats and then hold the saree fabric from left and let of border pleats, tuck the right hand held fabric in centre waist.
  • This will create a zigzag or curvy pleat hanging form at the front
  • Adjust the front drape of pleats across the shoulder hide the waistline on front.
    You may take help of this video clip which shows the draping method in details.

      4.       Marathi style drape - 1
This style can be worn at parties and as well as cultural events, festivals, to give a feel of Marathi saree style blending it with a basic drape making it more comfortable worn at regular events. Follow the steps below to get this drape.
  • Start with taking the end of the saree of the left, leave a meter length free, and wrap around the waist bringing it to be tied by a knot on the centre waist.
  •  After this, take the shorter end of the saree bottom corner and draw it backwards between legs, pulling up ad tucked in at centre back waist looking neat.
  • Now take the width, make pallu pleats of 6-7 inches and wrapping around from left to right and front side, under right armhole to top left shoulder, Pin it in place.
  • Then take the open left saree edge to form lower drape pleats, tuck them in centre waist facing left side.

      5.       Marathi style drape - 2
This is a variation of the Marathi saree draped by the ladies who did hard work, labour work, to find more movement freely and comfortable.

  • Take the basic 1st steps of draping a Marathi saree, tie a centre knot at the front waist leaving a metre length on left.
  • Now tack the shorter end lower corner and push it between the two legs, and tuck in at the back centre waist very neatly.
  • Now take the longer saree edge, making pleats roughly, of 4-5inches and pass the whole through the two legs at the back.
  • Hold the width and re-fold the pleats and pull the section neatly and tuck in at centre back waist. Let most of the length of the remaining saree fall down after tucking at the back firmly.
  • Bring the pleated remaining saree drape come in front from wrapping around from right waist to right again, in such way that you open the lower few pleats that it covers like a hip level skirt.
  • Then bring in front and take across your left shoulder, re-fold pleats properly and pin in place.

These are the traditional Maharastrian drapes used by women for depicting their culture at festivals and cultural events. I hope you find this blog info useful to dress up easily in a Marathi saree drape. Look forward to find new drapes defined and described our upcoming blog.

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